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Nearby are marked bicycle and hiking trails tramp area.

In the vicinity there are castles, monasteries and many historic mills.

Čoubův mlýn

Čoubův mlýn /Čoubův mill

  • The mill is open during the summer months, there is pub with beergarden.
  • By driving, walking 1.2 kilometers
  • We strongly recommend a walk that leads to the forest and down to the river.
  • The mill dates from 1476, which is open in the summer months, there is pub with beer garden.


Rabštejn nad StřelouRabštejn

  • Rabštejn nad Střelou is today considered the smallest Czech historical město.
  • The castle and the town is surrounded by legends of the raven and the beautiful ring. The first written mention of Rabstejn  comes from the 1269th.
  • 10.7 km by car, 17 mins
  • On the bike 10.7 km, 1h
  • 8.1 km on foot 2: 26h

Mariánské TýniceMariánské týnce

  • Church of the Annunciation  with Marian pilgrimage in Týnice former Cistercian monastery, now used as a Museum and Gallery of Northern Plzeň.
  • 13 car, 9 km, 18min
  • On the bike 15.7 km, 1: 25h
  • 17 km walk, 5: 5h

Golf Club PodbořánkyGolf Club

Monastery PlasyPlasy

  • The first royal Cistercian monastery in Bohemia, founded in 1144 by Prince Přemysl Vladislav II. and in the early 15th century was burned by the Hussites.
  • 16.6 km by car, 23min
  • 15.5 kilometers on the bike, 1,22h
  • 14.4 kilometers on foot, 4: 23pm
  • The river Střela- boarding section ČOUBŮV MILL (1 km from the Černé Hatě, walking, 15.9 km, 5,17h)

Sightseeing flights Plasy

Castle ManětínZámek Manětín

  • Manětín baroque chateau with a charming garden and park is the heart of the picturesque town of Manětín which breathes history began 300 years ago.
  • 18.1 km by car, 23min
  • At 10.9 km bike, 1 hour
  • Walk 7.3 km, 2h

Castle and brewery ChýšePivovar Chýše

  • The first mentioned in the years 1169-1192. It has been since 1254 the seat of dynasty Odolenovic.  In the years 1361-1365 Chyše  were Rabštejn estate owned by the royal crown of Charles IV.
  • 24.1 km by car, 35min
  • On bike 19.6 km, 1: 40h
  • 25.4 kilometers on foot, 7: 26h

Berounka – rafting řeka Berounka

  • STŘELA flows into the Berounka LIBLÍNĚ.-
  • (a reference to the river rafting Berounka)
  • 27.9 km 38min by car
  • The river Střela- boarding section ČOUBŮV MILL (from Černé Hatě walking one kilometer), 32 km, 10: 50h


  • Plzeňis Plzeň (in German and other languages ​​Pilsen) is a city in western Bohemia in the Czech Republic.
  • It lies at the confluence of the Rivers Mže, Radbuza, Úhlava and Úslava, from which the River Berounka comes into being. Pilsen has a population of about 170 thousand inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic and the second largest city in Bohemia.
  • Pilsen is known as an industrial and beer-brewing city. The large factories of former Škodovka manufacture vehicles and industrial machinery; on the other side of the regional metropolis, the popular beers Urquell and Gambrinus are brewed. The bottom-fermented lager is designated as a Pilsner-type beer, known worldwide as Pilsner or Pils after the name of the city.
  • Pilsner Urquell brewery
  • Pilsen has a considerable cultural significance. There are numerous cultural centres and theatres. There is also the seat of the bishopric of the Pilsen Diocese in the city. Higher education is represented by the University of West Bohemia and the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.
  • The present-day historical centre of the city has a regular grid of streets with the rectangular Republic Square in the middle, dominated by the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (built from 1290).
  • In 2015, Pilsen (together with Belgian Mons), European Capital of Culture.

Karlovy VaryKarlovy Vary

  • (Karlovy Vary, German, English Karlsbad)  Karlovy Vary is a statutory town in western Bohemia, metropolis of Karlovy Vary area. The population in the city is around 50,000 inhabitants, covers an area of ​​59.10 square kilometers. It is important spa resort with the famous glass and food industries. It is the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic.
  • Route 56 km away, 1h

Mariánské LázněMariánské lázně kolonáda

  • (Marienbad in German) is a city in Mariánské Lázně in Karlovy Vary region, 25 km southeast of Marianske Lázně from Cheb. The city occupies an area of ​​51.78 square kilometers and a population of over 13,000 residents. Marianske Lazne is the youngest of the famous West Bohemian spa triangle cities.
  • Route 70 km away, 1.26H

Františkovy LázněFrantiškovy lázně


Surroundings Střela

On a bike along the river Střela

  • Length: 95 km
  • The length of the river :103 kilometers of river

Direction of travel downstream of river

Kosmova - part of the blue TZ (hiking trail) through Toužim, then along asphalt roads to Krásný Hrad, Kojšovice, Lachovice, Žlutice, Chýše, from here still on the green TZ to Rabštejn, Mladotice, Plas, Nebřeziny, Dolní Hradiště and to the confluence with the Berounka.


from spring to Rabštejna asphalt, from Rabštejna to Plas moderately challenging to challenging terrain, which can not be recommended for riders other than MTB bikes, many technical sections, the path to the confluence of Plas is manageable even for casual round, offers perfect biking.


SHOCart no. 10 - Doupovské Mountains Podbořansko, no. 14 - Plzeň - sever (1:50 000)

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Bike Servises :

  • Toužim: Bicycle SR (tel. 776 242 169)

Tourist attractions:

  • Kralovice Nature Reserve "U Baby '(
  • Rabstejn: the smallest town in the Czech Republic (
  • Plasy: Monastery (
  • Libštejn: Gothic castle ruins (